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Thank You To Our Supporters!

I've set this page up as a way to honor those who have supported this campaign.

Feel free to support these great American businesses.


Our Supporters In Alphebetical Order

J'miah & Lyndsey Burnett 

JP & Amanda Dinnell - JP Dinnell

Ben & Lindsey Danner - Danner Construction 
Gary Foster - Smoky Oaks Ranch

Erik Fisher - Jewelry Maker

Greg & Danette Gardner
Ann Kurth

Jonathan Kurth

Steven Jr. & Amanda Little - Little Cattle Co.

Jordan & Kristen Mcdonald - Forged From Texas

Ken & Pat Morton - Morton Realty

Matt & Michelle Russell - WIT Ministries - Win Big Financal Group

Kenny & Tamara Russell - Zion Home Services
John & Stacy Reddicks - Integrity Tire
Charlie & Cherie Schnieders - Essentials for Health

Jason Tapp

THANK YOU to all  that have covered us  in prayer, given us words, dreams and advice. You operate in Kingdom currency, FAITH! Shalom Shalom!


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