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Partner With Us

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How can you partner with us? Glad you asked.

You can:

Fast with us

Pray for us and the campaign

* Meet us at YOUR state capital *

* Invite us to YOUR state capital *

Donate air miles

Donate hotel points

Snag some sweet merch

Do business with our affiliates 

Give directly to us

* See where we've been and where we're going on the home page. *

* We need to be personally invited by a resident of each state. No other requirements needed. Those sending the invite DO NOT need to house us, feed us, cover travel expenses etc... Just a kind, formal invite to carry out the commissioning of The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah. *

Support / Giving

Give Directly To Us

Super Sweet Merch

Our Merch Page


Send A State Invitation

Contact Us Here


Let's Stay Connected

The saying goes; "Birds of a feather stick together". 

We prefer "Eagles of a feather stick together".

Let's stay connected join the email list - Jubilee of Eagles.

Also find us on the social sites. Say "Howdy" or "Shalom" 😃

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