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Arizona Reserved

One big thing we attempt to take advantage of as we travel the country is site seeing / homeschool learning on the road. We planned our trip to go through Page, Arizona and the Grand Canyon on our way to Phoenix. 

So we got up before the sunrise and made our way to Horseshoe Bend. The 20 degree desert air was perfect for an almost mile hike to the river. We got there right as the sun was cresting over the mountains. I got epic photos of the bend.  It was so pretty!

We couldn’t waste time doing Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon and decree in Phoenix all in one day…  

We hike the mile-ish back and truck-it to the Grand Canyon.  As we made the hour pulse drive, we passed through reservation land.  It frustrated me on a few levels.  I was frustrated that most reservations look run down and impoverished. The other frustration was ideologies that keep impoverished people in the same loop.  To each their own, if one wants to live a simple life (I’m in that camp) that is great, but we can not keep the systems we have in place for future generations to thrive.   I pray that the minds of the captive will be freed.

Well the canyon lives up to the name. Wow! What made it a little more special for us was all the snow in the canyon.  Most pictures you see are during times with no snow.  We drove the south rim making a few stops and being amazed at the vast beauty.  The cold 32 degree 30 mph wind was something too.  It raced up the side of the canyon to punch me in the face.  As I took a picture near the rim edge, I had to sit down and hold my phone with both hands.  The snow and ice didn’t help with footing but I got the shot!

Phoenix here we come.  We had to be at the capitol and decree by 3:30pm.  We were cutting it close!  Our scenery changed from snow mountains and plateaus to rocky mountains and towering cactus. The temp changes dramatically as well.  We left Grand Canyon at 32 degrees and Phoenix was an amazing 68.  A very welcome change.  We hurried to the Liberty Bell replica in genes and tee’s.

We got there with 8 minutes to decree.  With the 4 minutes to decree it was close but we got it done!  We then walked the grounds to pray the ring of fire.  With the weather so nice we took our time praying and looking at all the monuments and gardens. 

As we took in all that was there, we found out that the monuments are popular with the street people community.  When they see me walking around with a big stick that looks like it has a snake on it, they give me the side eye and give us plenty of space.  They don’t want to talk to that freak. Lol

We are almost done with this tour. Our last mission for this tour is tomorrow. We’ve have miracle after miracle happen for us with hotels, food, gas, and van. We were excited to head home to the ranch, to see our animals and rest at home, but we were taken back by all the King had done for and with us. There was a bit of sadness that this was coming to a close.  But the sadness didn’t hold long.  We knew we had a bigger tour coming with 16 states.  But before we could go there, we need to decree New Mexico.  



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