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The Maine Connection ~ Jubilee

Keep the MAINE thing, the MAIN thing.

Oh Maine, you see the first drawing of the rising son. Be alert, for you time is now. Do not slumber, do not be idle. Carry the torch of prayer and fasting, for you will see the first light.

The LION is honored by his MANE. The eagles have come, now the LION approaches. Take care of your vineyard, for the owner is here to receive HIS harvest. 

Friends, friends and more friends. 

We stayed with our “Main-e-ax” at their beautiful lodge. We stayed up way too late enjoying good conversation. The next morning we could barely believe that today is the 50th state for us to decree.  50! Jubilee!

We enjoyed breakfast, seeing red stag, and crisp Maine morning air.  With a blizzard approaching, we told our friends we would see them again in July, for our first out of state Pursuit.

As I was thinking about that, a few other connections came to mind.

Pursuit started in Texas and now in Maine.

The first state we decreed was Texas and the Last was Maine.

The total eclipse on April, 8th 2024, would enter into The United States of America through Texas and exit through Maine.

Just all strange “coincidences” right? 

As we pulled up to the capitol building in Augusta, she was there to greet us atop the dome.

We do our thang. I prayed around the building and they prayed in the building.  It was a very chilly ring of fire pray time but so invigorating. We were there to remove strongholds, establish the government angle for Maine and this was the last one to accomplish.  How good our God is!

I find the Liberty Bell replica and wait for them to finish inside.  2:30 was fast upon us.

We got set up and all five of us did this decree.  I hear Holy Spirit tell me to start the video saying “This is Jubilee”

Off we went.  We decree, as the wind picked up all around us.  Then, all of a sudden a large gust of wind blows the camera and our stuff over in mid sentence.  As I watched it fall, you can hear me draw out the Father’s name “YAAAHHHOOVVAAAAAHHH”. We get the tripod upright again and finish the Jubilee decree and commission The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah.

It was surreal.  We did it. We’re not a traditional “minister” , we didn't have funding from a denomination. We have a small group of warriors, mighty men and women of God, that supported us and covered us.  We might be small, like a young David, but this giant, found the same fate as goliath. All by the faithfulness, mercy, and lovingkindness of our KING, YESHUA MESSIAH. THE KING of Kings and THE LORD of Lords.  All glory, honor, splendor, and praise goes to HIM and HIM alone! 

So Be It!

Our trip home had us stop in and be blessed with a tour of Origins Clothing Co.

Then we made our way to Niagara Falls. We stopped at the Great Lakes. Only one we didn’t see is Lake Huron.  Which we should see on our next trip to Main in July.

After 22 days on the road for this tour, we are done!

The 50 state capitol campaign for the King is FINISHED.

Shalom Shalom

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