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The diamond of Arkansas is the Ozark Mountains. Our 5th state to decree and commission was Arkansas. We left the ranch a little after sunrise Saturday morning. There was a fresh crispness in the air. We were ready to get back on the road for another mission on this campaign of 50 states. It seemed like our last one was forever ago, I guess a lot of crazy can happen in a month. The more we move into these wild times, time seems to work differently. Hard to explain but it feels like we've grown years worth in just a few months.

Little Rock was on the horizon and each of us were ready to stretch and eat. Kristi looks up "The Lords Chicken" and we make our way there. I back into one of the last parking spots, we all pile out and stroll in. We all know what we want, it's a family fav. The girls dart off to the playground we order and then people watch. They call our name and I grab the food. I tell Kristi, "I'm going out to the car to eat". She stayed in for a few minutes more to let the kiddos burn some energy.

As I got in our SUV, a little red car pulls in next to us. Little old lady in the car opened her bag that she just got from the drive thru and proceeded to eat her lunch. Kristi and the kiddos hop in and get settled to eat. I reached back to hand Brea her mac'n cheese and noticed the license plate of the little red car as she back out. I did a double take. It was a plate from Hawaii. I told Kristi, "look at the plates on that red car". As the red car pulled away, it had Arkansas plate on the back and she didn't see the front. I thought, hmm, thats interesting. Nothing earth shatering but when I was confirming what I felt like the Lord was asking us to do. I asked a specific prayer to confirm about Hawaii and Alaska. When I saw the Hawaii plate it was a nudge from the Father reassuring me that we are still on the right path.

As this thought was running through my mind, Brayden gets excited and says "WOW, there's a tornado right there". I look in the side mirror to see and I could see the tree behind us whipping and shaking. It was a chilly beautiful sunshiny day. I though that couldn't be a "whirlwind" it's not hot enough, and as I was processing this, the "tornado" rolls right over us. Now the thought of Elijah and the whirlwinds of his life.

What does this all mean? Not sure, really but it gave me a little boost knowing HE's right there with us.

We drive around and find a parking spot on the back side of the Capitol building near a monument for fallen fire fighters. As we walk up the stairs to the building on the back side, I asked Kristi what she thought about this spot for the decree. She looked around and said she wasn't sure. I prayed and didn't really get any direction. So we started walking around the building to pray as we turned the corner I saw it. I saw the spot, it was the Liberty Bell replica. I pointed and Kristi nodded in agreement. We continued to march around the building to finish our prayer around the building. We make a pitstop at a statue of an eagle and the torch of freedom for a few pictures.

Now we make our way back to the bell. As you approach it, there is a monument of "The 9" in between the bell and the capitol building. It was statue of 9 children. They were the 9 children that fought for civil rights against skin color divisions. Incredible monument for the fight of freedom for all. We get setup, I take a deep breath and speak the decree and commission The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah. The sound of the water fountain gave a calming sound in the background. I finish. A little over 4 minutes and done. We take a few more pictures and walk back to the car.

Arkansas has been decreed and now we're off to our hotel near the Arkansas - Missouri border. As we were driving there I pointed at the clock and temp on the car screen. It said 5:55 55 degrees. I went to take a picture and it changed to 5:56 and then the temp changed to 56 degrees. Kristi said that she looked earlier and the temp was 56 degrees. It changed to 55 degrees when it was 5:55 and then changed back to 56 degrees and 5:56.

We are moving from 5 to 6, grace to dominion. 5th state to the 6th state. We are maturing from one to the other.



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