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Athens Of The South No Longer

Music capital of the world? Heylel, are not instruments made into you? Where would a strong hold of yours be? Little Los Angeles “The Angels”? Is this why you have a huge statue of asherah with the serpent at her feet placed in the middle of the city? Athens of the South no more!

We stayed in Crossville, Tennessee, this was a tie back to our first campaign with “Where Is The God Of Elijah”. We stayed there on our way to Rehoboth, Delaware.

We had to get up, make it to breakfast and get on the road, we had a couple hours to Nashville. A few days back I messaged close friends of ours that live in Tennessee and asked if they would meet up with us to decree. I got the confirmation and was excited to see them and hug their necks.

Kristi was excited to be in Nashville. She is a boot scooter and loves 80’s and 90’s country. I tried to prepare her that Nashville isn’t the same Nashville of the old country music world. It was a booming hot mess. I’ve heard it referred to as Little L.A. That didn’t dampen her spirits, she wanted to see the music seen downtown. After a few U turns and making our way through the crazy amount of construction we ended up where several music studios were. Not what she wanted to see or expected. With us running out of time we had to forgo the music scene tour and head to the Capitol. We parked about 4 blocks away and walked up a good hill to meet the Russell’s squared.

We had newcomers join us here but with the same last name. So we became a Russell sandwich. Kenny and Tamara Russell along with their kiddos joined Matt, Michelle and Lilly Russell along with us to do the Kings business.

I didn’t see them until I was all the way around praying a ring of fire. We all hugged and introduced each other and strolled over to the Liberty Bell replica. As I made my way around the building I noticed there are two Liberty Bells. One is near the ground like the others I’ve decreed from and the other was up on a pillar. Just found it interesting that they have two.

We get set up and I tell the new Russells that this may seem a little irreverent or “not holy”. I go on to explain that we drive several miles and hours to spend all of four and a half minutes decreeing the King's decree. What we are accomplishing at each Capitol is establishing the King's law and commissioning The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah. What the Kings say, IS. There isn’t any arguing or fighting. The decree is established and we're the messenger giving it. So it may appear to be underwhelming in the physical. They totally understood so I get the go ahead on time and I decree and commission.

A few bystanders took in the moment with us and we were all done. We pack up and hug necks and find food on our way out. We had to make it a shorter meeting, with our long trip back home and Tennessee's Capitol didn’t have much to picture. We would be getting to our hotel around 1:30am and then getting up early to drive the rest of the way in to make it home before Shavuot. So that's what we did. Long night of driving and then a long day on our way home.

When I understood where we were going I also understood that this all had to be done before Shavuot (festival of Pentecost).

We celebrated Shavuot at the ranch with great friends and I started digesting this whole tour of the Southeast. I know we may never know ALL that goes on in the Spirit and the physical, but the stuff HE shows me, is humbling and mind blowing, how HE sets it all up and plays out masterfully if we will just take the steps HE points us to.

June was a rest month for us, July was a hard month for us. Both HE gave me heads up on. We’re not entering into August. As I write this, at sun down this evening started “the 9th of Av”. The 9th of Av, is historically a bad day, with both Temples being destroyed on this day with many other “coincidences” of bad things happening. From the 17th of Tamuz to the end of Av 9th is called the “Dire Straits” in the Hebrew communities. This is the time of testing and hard times. I learned that today. We and many in our group of friends and family definitely walked that out extensively.

I feel like we’re coming out of it and passed our test. I got a brief picture of what our next set of missions will be, but until I get confirmation, I will leave you with a cliffhanger. LOL



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