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Badger-ing Wisconsin

Wisconsin is where Asherah made it known to me that it wasn't happy with me.

As we ate breakfast I sat with my back to a group of “grandparents” and the table of grandchildren slightly in front of me to my left. I go to take a bite and get an elbow to the back which pushes me forward into my table. I instantly look to see an old lady which was at the table behind me, making her way to the kids table. I look around to find out what was the problem. She never looked at me and no one from either table acted like anything happened. I figured as hard as I was pushed, I would have gotten an “ope” “sorry” or “pardon me”. Nothing.

So I continued to eat and talk with my kiddos. I noticed her get up from the kids table and see looked at me. I won't say it was a glare, but it wasn't friendly. I stare at her as she gets back to her seat, with her not breaking eye contact. I look at the others at her table and noticed that the two women at the table looked accretive and the three men looked weak, apathetic, mentally beaten.

I thought, hmm makes sense. I turn to get back to my breakfast. A few moments go by and Brea looks just over my shoulder and I turned to look and I get another stronger “bump” from craby paddy. The kiddos now notice this isn't normal and I stand now looking at her, her grandkids look shocked and I hear from the table of men, I'm sorry. I'm still watching her bulldoze her way to the kids table and look back to see who was saying sorry. One man looks at me and says sorry as he halfway looks towards me. I could only assume he was apologizing for her.

Kristi get there and I tell her the story, not being quiet about it. They end up leaving as I'm talking. I get up to get a bagel and another guy that watched all of it asked what I did to piss grandma off. I smiled and said I'm here to pray. He chuckled and said, well it must be working.

When we got to the Capitol grounds it didn't take long to see where the allegiance lies. Many statues and monuments were of Columbia, Asherah, Ishtar, etc…

The Liberty Bell replica was in the rotunda of the Capitol building, which was in section. I was a little nervous to decree inside the womb of the building. At the very top of the rotunda was a painting of Asherah and several women, with one of them bare breasted.

We decree and commission. No big hoop or holler.

As we head back to the car, we walk across the cross walk and what I thought was a dude, yells out of the car waiting for us to cross, “I like you stick!”. I reply back with a Thank you, I appreciate it. They yell again “Man I really love your staff. I love the horn thing too!” I waive and said thanks.

We get to the sidewalk and the car drives off. I said to Kristi, well he really like it. She said, that was a lady… I couldn't see in the car with my sunglasses on. As I was playing her voice back in my head, totally convinced it had to be a guy, I noticed a lgbtq-lmnop flag on a church. I stop to investigate. It said “all are welcome here”. I thought, I agree, but they can't stay as they once were with the redemptive power of Yeshua.

As we made it to our hotel that night, I thought about grumpy grandma, all the feminist (Asherah) agenda and the lady that loved the pray staff. I was annoyed with being pushed and the questionable flying of a flag and the Lord reminded me, that we're doing this for all Americans, not just the ones who agree with us.

Noted. Thank you King Yeshua for allowing us to do this.

Shalom ❤️‍🔥


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