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Battle Born!

Nevada and Fostering Life are both Battle Born.  

We got up early still on Texas time, and back tracked a bit to Lake Tahoe.  We didn’t get to see it as we passed through due to it being late.  With the snow being the heaviest just to the north we decided to drive back up the mountain and visit the lake.  I’m so glad we did. It is so pretty, especially with all the snow!

We head back to the capitol early in hopes of us being able to go inside and stay warm while we tour the building.  So glad that it was open. Kristi and the kiddos went in and I made my way around, praying the ring of fire around it.  As I got to the back side of the building, I came across a War Monument, it had the words “Battle Born” cut out of steel, with all the names of fallen warriors. As I walked by, I heard Holy Spirit say, this is the spot and Fostering Life was Battle Born.

I finish the prayer walk and head inside quickly.  The wind was so cold and there was sleet/rain mix falling off and on. I stop at the desk with the security and ask if they know where a pretty lady with three kiddos are.  They point up stairs and then ask me about my staff and shofar. The head guard asked and the other two scurried off not wanting to talk to the “interesting” bald guy.

He was super nice and was genuine with curiosity about what we were doing.  He was excited that we were going to all the states and praying.  He then let me know that my family is in the museum area of the building. He points me in the direction and I head up.  As I was walking up I was still pondering what Battle Born meant for Nevada.

As I walked in the museum area it did not take long to find out.  Abraham Lincoln expedited statehood to Nevada to join the Union in the Civil War.  Again, another tie to President Abraham Lincoln. 

We hung out for a while waiting for 2:30 to come around.  We get set up outside at the battle born sign and decree.  This time we made sure we got our family photo and we once again hurried to the van. I told Kristi that I want to make a quick stop just up the road at the capitol art museum and take a picture by the Liberty Bell replica.  Brea ran with me and we got the photo. 

Carson felt like a cow town in the panhandle of Texas but with mountains.  Very quiet and peaceful. 

As I was warming up back in the van, I was figuring out our route to Boise, Idaho. My plan was to get into Boise before the snow got worse. I heard from Holy Spirit, if you don’t go now, you will be stuck.  So we took off.  So much beautiful high desert.



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