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Boston, Massachusetts : a dance somewhat like a waltz...

Boston, Massachusetts on St. Patty’s Day equals crazy town.

We showed up in Boston on March 17th, St. Patty’s Day. Boston is already a very busy city, but this was next level packed.  We had to park underground which was under the park across from the capitol building.  Once we figured out where to go, got parked and made it back up to sunlight, we had minutes to find the spot where we were to decree.

Because earlier that morning we decided to go see Plymouth Rock and we had to do a pit stop to get a new phone for my copilot.  Kristi had dropped her phone and busted it up.  It was time to get her a new phone anyway, this just made us do it on this day…  

It took FOR-EVER. And we still wanted to make the stop at Plymouth Rock.  We did it and now we only have 12 minutes to find the spot to decree, get set up and read my 4 ish minutes of scriptures. 

Well moving through the crowd as fast as we could, praying in the Spirit. We found the spot.  The capitol was locked behind a bared fence. So we posted up near the Eagle in the side entrance.  With people walking all around us. Some were very tipsy and disgruntled with us.

As I started to decree, a group of college age guys started yelling at us. They screamed “they're a cult, something unintelligible, it’s a cult!” You can hear it on the video.  After them there was a gentleman that had approached from my right, I could hear him cursing standing there watching us.  As he walked closer I could feel his ill will on us. As he walked behind me, he stopped in his tracks, afraid of the “snake” on my staff.  Then he gets lost in the crowd that kept zooming by.

We finished.

Heckling wasn’t going to stop us.

A very grumpy, drunk old man wasn’t going to stop us.

Prayer and fasting with the mercy of God kept us safe!

We then walked around the capitol grounds and prayed the ring of fire.

After that we took photos of all the monuments, park, art, and surroundings.

It was very pretty, but super crowded.

We then got in the van and made our way to Paul Revere's house. To see the old parts of the town.  Again, pretty cool, but we couldn’t get out to walk around due to no parking and tons of people.  Hopefully we can see it soon…


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