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California is my Egypt

We’re back!

California for better or worse, has played a major role in my life.  Growing up in the late 80’s going from elementary school to Junior High I feel something imparted to me.  Kinda like Joseph and Yeshua taken to Egypt.  

I’m Texan, who was born in Oklahoma that lived partly in California.  My family helped invent The Republic of Texas on the Foster and Travis sides of my bloodline.  It is only fitting that I was born in Oklahoma, a nood to my Cherokee bloodline. And I was taken to California due to hard times in Texas. Then my mom brought us back to Texas where I graduated in the top 15 of my class.  It was quite the accomplishment, the caveat is, there were only 15 in my class.

Fast forward to the “Band Days”, Mike, yes the Mike that started this whole thing for us, when he passed away, he booked shows in California for us to play near where he lived.  We made two small tours in California.

Fast forward again, Mike passed on June 22, 2022, we celebrated his life on July 23, 2022 and Kristi and I hit the Pacific Coast waters, on July 24, 2022 in Oceanside, California. I wasn’t aware at the time that this was the beginning of the “Where Is The God Of Elijah” campaign.

Now we’re back 18 months later in California, to decree, commission and seat their government Angle at the capitol on January 8, 2024. 

We stayed the night in Red Bluff, California. When I woke up that morning, I heard from the Lord that I needed to ask and invite others to participate in this fight. In prayer, fasting, sharing words with us and financially.  This made my stomach churn. I didn’t want to do it. I was embarrassed that we didn’t have enough for us to make it on our own.  I asked Krist what she thought and she agreed that we should ask.  So I percolated the idea of a video for later that day.

We then quickly got caught up in all of the beautiful farmland in Northern California, which took my mind off of the unwanted task that was looming. 

We pulled into Sacramento and had a few folks warn us of the craziness around the capitol. There were demonstrations and street people everywhere, they said.  Noted. We give the “Listen to mom and dad” speech as we’re finding a place to park.  It was a little difficult due to all the construction.  

We exit the van to a wonderful 60 degree afternoon.  Kristi and the kiddos make their way inside as I pray around the outside.  Once again I was taking in all the beautiful gardens around the capitol grounds.  They had several fruit trees on the property, with the majority being Oranges. The kiddos thought that was the coolest thing to have Oranges all around the property. 

As I make it to the back side of the building, I walk into a garden monument for fallen warriors and hear Holy Spirit say, this is the spot to do the “ask” video.  So I suck it up and give the invite.  With the added prayers and help that came in from this video, alongside miracles we had food in our bellies, gas in the van and beds to sleep in. Everytime we took a step forward, Yah gave us what we needed for the next step.  It was so thrilling to experience such mercy and grace from our Father. This encouraged us so much, we knew in our hearts that we would do whatever it took to finish the work He asked us to.  We looked for ways to sleep in the van and make it on one meal a day for the duration of this tour, but Yah exceeded in every way!  Bless His Holy Name!

I walk back to the front of the capitol to meet up with Kristi and the kiddos.  We sat out front under the Orange trees enjoying the beautiful weather.  I was slightly shocked to find a Nativity Scene on the steps of the capitol building, in California of all places. 

I walk everyone back to the garden memorial where the Liberty Bell replica is. The kiddos explore the garden while I get set up to decree and commission.

We take care of the King's business at 2:30pm, and hustle off to the van.  I knew we needed to be efficient with our time at the capitol for us to make it through the mountains before the blizzard hit the Sierra range.  In our hustling, we forgot to take a family photo at the bell… We didn’t realize it until we were almost to Lake Tahoe.

We squeaked into Carson, Nevada right before the mountains got two feet of snow.

Hello Nevada!



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