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Colorado Breaking The Blue Demon Horse

Cheyenne to Denver is a short traffic filled drive.  As we left Cheyenne I had a thought that we should go see the “blue horse” at the Denver airport.  I looked it up and noticed that it was close to where we would be staying the night.  I also found out the name given to this blue horse.


Now this is not the “official” name, which is Blue Mustang.  

When you see pictures of this 30 foot tall statue that greets you at the Denver airport entrance, you will totally understand why it’s named Blucifer.  Especially at night.  With glowing red eyes you can feel that this “idol” is evil somehow.  Then you find out that the head of this statue fell on its creator and killed him…

We made our way near the statue and I got as close as I could with shofar in hand.  With cars zooming by I blew the shofar in a declaration of removing its authority and letting the voice of Yah ring out!  We will now see Colorado leave the blue camp.

The next morning we relaxed a bit and slow played it to the capitol.  There were supposed to be demonstrations at the capitol scheduled for the time we would be there.  We had a few folks prepare us for some craziness.  As we drove around the capitol building, we noticed that, one: no parking and two: there wasn’t anyone there standing for what they so passionately believed in.

I guess when the weather isn’t just right they don’t show up.  It was -11 with a windchill of -25 but sunny.  We showed up for HIS name’s sake. The KING is glorified!

With us parking a good bit away and everything spread way out, this was the coldest I got.  The girls stayed in the car as Brayden and I prayed the ring of fire, took pictures, and found the Liberty Bell replica.  From start to finishing the decree, we were out in this crazy cold for an hour and a half.  If we would have had coveralls, warm boots and the layers of clothes needed, we would have been ok, cold, but ok.  When we were packing for this tour we had to pack for 80 degree days and the beach for Hawaii and then pack for days like this.  One suitcase did not have the room for all this.  So we put on as much as we had and froze. 

The cold was not going to stop us from doing what was asked of us. 

The girls made the long walk to the bell and we decree and commission The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah for Colorado. This was the fastest that I said the decree.  We didn’t set up the tripod thinking this would be quicker. So Kristi held the phone.  Starting off with no glove but after about one minute of exposure she attempted to put a glove on and record.  It was comical to watch the video.  She did her best and almost froze her fingers off. Lol. 

As we hurried back to the van, I could not feel my feet.  It felt like I was walking on stubs.  It was so cold!  We sat in the van for about 15 minutes just thawing out.  

Sitting there I looked back over the entire capitol grounds both state and county buildings.  They have a park in between the two buildings and it is scattered with ritual statues and arches. It is definitely a strategic play by the enemy to influence the leaders and laws that are enforced for Colorado. 

Once again, we were faced with a decision to head into a “historic storm” and get to our halfway point to our next capitol or stay put and wait it out.  Kristi and I talked it out and felt Holy Spirit telling us, go now or you will be stuck here for a while.  So we took off.  We passed through some of the prettiest mountains and canyons.  The snow is falling on us in little showers.  We make it through the pass and find out that they shut it down right behind us due to 40+ inches of snow falling.

Thank you Father, for keeping us safe and passing us through the storms.

Utah is in our sights.



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