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Cutting The Silver Cord Connecticut

Connect-i-cut with their king named in The Revelation of Yeshua Messiah 9:11. 

Another astounding capitol building and grounds.  The park around the building was amazingly done.  So nice, other than all the statues of naked women.  Ashera was all over the capitol building, on the huge “arch of ba’al” which had a road leading up to it that had “black live matter” painted as an enormous monument to the marxist and occultic group. Funny how their “monument” was the “red carpet” to the “arch of ba’al” that had asherah sitting in a throne front and center as men were killing each other in a “civil” war scene.   

I noticed a beautiful fountain that had huge native war chiefs surrounding it. As I got closer to enjoy this amazing craftsmanship, I realized on the next tier up on the fountain, was bare breasted native women sitting under the top basin.  Why?  It seems to prove that those that call for these monuments and the elected officials that vie for and ok them are perverts. Always sexualizing everything.  But then again, they fall prey to the enticements of the evil one for power and control and sex is a key to its game plan.

We prayed the ring of fire.

We decreed.

We commissioned.

We took our photo.

Off to our next capitol. Short drives are fantastic!



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