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Dots Connecting Mid - America Tour

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Was all this planned out 13 years ago?...

The Mid-America Tour started off with Kansas and ended in Corpus Christi Texas with an eclipse. I’ve had a few weeks to process all that this Tour accomplished.

I do my very best to stay disconnected from news, other prophetic words and outside information. The Lord asked me to remove myself from other voices so that I’m not influenced by their words. I also do my best to not “push” or “make” something happen. We as a family understand the first objective of this Campaign from the King, which is, to decree and commission The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah at all 50 State Capitol Buildings.

As we started walking this out, we understood that we are to decree at specific places on the Capitol grounds. With the majority of them being at the replica of the Liberty Bell, which is a tie to the first campaign when The Kings asked us to go pray at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pa. With a few exceptions, we are seeing a pattern with the bells. Both Campaigns are tied to “Jubilee”.

A secondary objective that I understood was, “a ring of fire” around the capitol building. From the first one in Texas I felt that I was to pray in the Spirit as I walked completely around the building. I understood that the ring of fire would burn up agendas against God and fortify agendas to be carried out from God.

Interestingly enough there was an eclipse called "The Ring of Fire" this year October 14th, 2023. This concluded the Mid - America Tour.

Another dot that I’m connecting as we carry the campaign out is, the majority of Capitols are under construction or refurbishing. Could the government be under construction as a whole? A physical sign of a spiritual matter.

There is one pattern that is a little more elusive. I can feel the spirit and its motives but pointing it out is more camouflaged. It goes by a few names: ashera, isis, ishtar, jezebel, athena, etc… I see her/it at most of the Capitol grounds in the form of statues, art, murals, paintings. It really was prevalent in Minnesota and Wisconsin but more on that in another blog.

In the decree The King had me put scripture about ba’al and ashura. When we were in New York for the first campaign I confronted ba’al. In that encounter it was told to stop and pay up. As I’m writing this, I realized that I should write a blog about that specific encounter. I’ll link it here, when it's done.

I don’t feel a strong resistance dealing with ba’al but I do feel it with his “wife”. To me it feels like ba’al is weakened and ashera is controlling those seeking to rule in his seat. Think of Ahab and Jezzy. When Elijah called for the showdown on Mount Carmel, Elijah called for both the prophets of ba’al and ashura, only the prophets of ba’al showed up. The prophets of ashura stayed back with Jezzy at a banquet. 450 prophets of ba’al were confronted and killed that day. Then some time after that King Ahab dies in battle, Jezebel then rules through her 2 sons, then is killed by “a wild Jehu”.

This pattern leads me to seek The King on how we take the prophets of ashera out and have her thrown down.

To put a bow on this blog I’ll finish with this prophecy given by Prophet Kim Clement.

April 14th 2010

“There is a snake in the capitol. God says, I will bring it out.

This exposure shall cause the Nation to shake.

God says, This shaking is good for America

You’re about to embark on a journey that you have never embarked on before.

And from the South of your land, and throughout the middle of your country

From the West then back to South, and East, North,

They shall say, this has never ever happened before in our country and in our culture.”

This prophecy was given 7 days after Brayden was born and when we finish this campaign it will be 14 years and 6 days. April, 8th 2024 being the total eclipse and our deadline.

As I was waiting on The Lord to give me the next tour assignment, I was laying in bed and a brief vision popped up in front of me and I could see the map I have on our wall of the United States. I saw us going right up the middle of America then it was gone. I told Kristi, I just saw our next tour, but I’ll wait to get our second witness. Shortly after that, I’m laying in bed (again) and heard The Lord say “ I have something for you to watch on youtube”. I questioned the request and got the same request, so I grab my phone and open Youtube and a “short” started playing, it was about a dog doing something funny, I thought to myself, “this?, this is what you want me to watch?’ As I’m questioning this, the next video was Prophet Kim and he gave this prophecy. I felt like a bell being struck as he finished this prophecy. I then heard the Lord say to write it down. Well that took me a bit, because it wasn’t a “normal” conversation. He said it just like I wrote it out above and as he was talking his head was moving in the directions he was speaking. What caught my attention was the direction he moved when stating “East, North”, his head went in a slight diagonal direction…

I knew this was for us and this campaign. So I show Kristi and tell her that I think this is our second witness. The only thing I didn’t understand was the “West, back to South”, I told her. There must be something else we have to do in the South after the West Tour. We prayed on it with our “Might Men and Women” group and got the go ahead. Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinios here we come.

After we accomplished the Mid-America Tour, I was processing all that had happened and what the rest of the campaign would look like. The Lord said, fly to Hawaii, then to Alaska, then to Washington, from there drive. HE guided me from state to state as I looked at the map, it then hit me. We will drive from Washington to Oregon to California to Nevada to Idaho, to Montana, to Wyoming to Colorado to Utah to Arizona to New Mexico. We go West then back to the South…! AND it is 13 States… It’s like HE has this planned out.

Shalom Shalom


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