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Fire On The Louisiana Bayou

The light house of the south.


As I preped for this trip praying and fasting, the thought of doing this 48 more times gave me mixed feelings. I have an excited but also "sobering" feeling together. The sobering feeling is hard to explain. It's not a fear or overwhelming feeling. It has more of a wieghty or "important" feeling.

In the natural it looks like a few peculiar people standing in front of a phone camera talking for about 5 minutes. Not much more in the natural really happens. Oh, I do walk all the way around each capital praying in the Spirit.

So why does this hold a "weighty" feeling when no much happens. I've tried to wrap my mind around this question. I understand that Father God has a unique way to reveal His authority, power, and love. He could easily pull the sky back and point his finger at the earth and with one word, destroy all of it without a fight.

When He created Earth, He formed Adam then Eve in His image and likness. We look like Farther and operate like Father. He commissioned Adam and his offspring to have rule over all that happens on Earth. Adam named all the animals, he took care of the garden in Eden.

The enemy knew that if it was to have any influence, power, authority, or control, they have to go through the ruller, king, the son of God, Adam. So when the fall came mankind gave authority to the enemy (2 Corinthians 4:4). The only way that the enemy can move their agenda forward is through mankind. This is an enternal law setup by Father God YeHoVaH.

Amos 3:7 Before the Lord God does anything, He tells His plan to His servants the prophets.

This is why Yeshuah HAD to become MAN to atone for the inhabitors of Earth. Man has the athourity here on Earth Kingdom. Yeshua (man) as the only Begoten (not formed) son of God overcame the fall when He gave Himself as the Passover sacrifice.

Now we have a KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. He is THE KING of the Earth Kingdom. For the rest of mankind we can either stay in the fallen system and perpetuate the emenies plan by speaking (prophesying, decreeing, commisioning) what they intend on doing. They can ONLY use man to bring forth their plan.

OR mankind can accept the bill of sale for their life as a living sacrifice purchased with Blood of THE KING. When we accept, we are no longer our own and Father God now has an agent to work His authority, power, and love through. He ask us to speak (prophesying, decreeing, commisioning) His Kingdom come His will be done on Earth as in Heaven. We are the conduit of His Holy Spirit and what we do and say have an "weighty" substance in the supernatural realm which directs the Earth realm.

So as it "seems" we are just saying words to a camera standing on capital grounds. But what really is happening, we're decreeing His Kingdom come His will be done. We are literaly spitting in the face of the enemy and taking back authourity over each state capitol preparing the way for The KING to move as He see's fit.

We'll keep going. We'll keep speaking, prophesying, decreeing, and commisioning for The KING. Even though it looks and feels like noting big is happening, We KNOW what is really happening and that an intense war is being fought right now due to our words.

Louisiana was a plesent suprise of beauty at the state capitol. The garden around the capitol building was so nice. In my mind I thought it would look run down and swampy. When I looked for pictures of the capitol building I noticed that the building looked dingy and run down. I thought if the building looked like that the surrounding area would follow suit.

When we pulled into the grounds I was shocked at how nice it really was. We could see the capitol building from a far off, so it was easy to find. When we pull up to the building I notice a few things. The building was in the process of being cleaned. It had 4 large angels a top near the "light house" part. There was a large knight with his sword stuck in the ground and behind him was a family. What came to mind when I looked over it, was a warrior holding his ground unwilling to give any to the enemy protecting family and community.

As I prayed around the building I noticed that both North and South sides of the bulding were being cleaned. The dingy, moldy swamp look was almost gone. They lacked the very top part near the "light house". Underneath was a beautiful cream, sandy, white stone. It looked so nice, but the wings of the tower were still mold swampy looking. I feel like this is marker of where we're at with the nation. We're under a cleaning proccess. Just think of the Country, North and South, are being cleaned, and the wings, East/West are next. The very top of the tower is what looks like a light house room. Just below that room is 4 very large angels holding it up.

As soon as I saw the angels my mind istantly went to the 4 borders, 4 faces of the creatures, 4 angels that Tim Sheets and Chuck Peirce both had visions about. Brayden and I walked around the building praying in the Spirit, as we got to the other side from where we parked I looked up to see the angels on this side. 3 of the angels are looking out to the horizon and 1 is looking down on us. I had Brayden look up and asked him what he thought. He said, that angle is looking at us. As we kept walking, he said "daddy, that angles head is following us". I thought the exact same thing when I rounded the corner when we first looked up. I told him I thought the same thing but didn't want to say anything to influece your thought. As we walked on we watched it watch us walk around the corner.

The warrior gave me a sence of "come hell or high water". I had a breif "moment" I won't call it a vision or trans, but I saw very quickly me standing on a mountain top in victory. I could feel that the war was intense but we come out on top, then it was over.

I felt we were to decree standing next to the Liberty Bell replica. We made out way through the garden to the bell station which was next to the old armory. We get settled in I take my jacket off and I thought I was glad to put the mantle on whit the very brisck air blowing in. I decree and commission. I quickly put the mantle back in my bag and put my jacket back on. With an uncommon cold snap that made it all the way to the deep South, I was very pleased to not be soaked in humidtiy induced sweat. I think its better to be a little cold than sticky, sweaty and stinky. I'm not a fan of the SSS...

We stroll around the garden for a little while longer in no big rush. We only had an hour and a half drive to our hotel into Mississippi for the next Capitol. After taking to many pictures we make our way to Brookhaven Mississippi for the night. If we have the choice and time, we opted for the scenic route. The back roads, small towns, and windy roads are more peacful to us. The road less taken...


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