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Flat Out Kansas - More Than Meets The Eye

Well, hello Abe!

Not that it’s super strange to have President Abraham Lincoln welcome you to the Capitol building in Kansas, but this theme of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Licoln keeps popping up.

I get it, both are great leaders for our country during difficult times. So why wouldn’t it be a thing?

If there wasn’t a connection with the two of them before all of this started, not sure if this would be catching my eye.

When I was little (5 - 7 years old) I watched Abraham Licoln crawl across my bedroom floor and go out through the wall.

He didn’t look like a ghost, he looked as real as you and me. Yep, strange, but it happened and has always stuck with me.

A year before all of this started, ( the “Where Is The God Of Elijah” campaign) I was working here on our ranch and a thought ran through my mind. “Have I not done enough for my country? Can I not live peaceably on my farm?” This thought would not leave me alone. It would run through my mind several times. From what I understand, this was the statement George Washington said when asked to be President of the newly formed United States of America.

Like I said, if I didn’t have these connections, running across all of the George and Abe “things” wouldn’t perk my ears up. But here we are. And this tour was full of them.

As we walked up to the Capitol a large statue of Abe was there to greet us.

We make our way around the building praying in the Spirit, praying a ring of fire around it. As I walk I search for the Liberty Bell Replica. I find Lady Liberty but no bell.

We decided to go in and tour the Capitol. Interestingly enough a good portion of the displays had to do with the Civil War and Native tribal involvements. I find out that there is a Liberty Bell replica on the first floor, so I head up from the basement and find the replica. It was tucked in a wing, off in the corner. My six year old takes a quick photo of me and the bell.

It's time to decree. I feel like I’m to decree in front of Lady Liberty. We get set up and I glance around my surroundings which I notice, right in front of me, across the street is a grand lodge. I smirked and thought, how fitting. I would be decreeing right at them…

Four and half minutes later, we take a few pictures and make our way back to the car. Kansas was in the bag and my thoughts were swimming through the George, Abe link. I guess time will tell. Nebraska here we come.



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