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God Bless Texas

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

There is only one 1st.

"Go over to the map" HE said.

I walk over and look at the pins I've placed at each state capital. As I looked at Austin, HE said "Texas is first". I answer with a Okie Dokie. He then said "open your calendar". I look over the days in the near future and HE highlights a Saturday in March and says "this is the day". I place it on the calendar not really thinking about it and show Kristi. I tell her what I just hear the Lord say. She said, "Well Okay then".

Later that morning we were on our way into town and I was thinking about the date. My thought was "3 - 4 - 2023. Hmmm 3 + 4 = 7. Interesting. Then I hear the Lord say "what day is that?" I answer " March Saturday the 4th 2023. HE then says "Say that together". March 4th. Oh wow! In my minds eye I saw the Lord smile as I got it. Ah I get it. March forth! As I was driving I literally LOL'd. Kristi looks over and says "you having a good time over there?" I asked the same questions the Lord asked me. We both look at each other with a bit of wonderment. Mine was more of a side eye due to me driving and all...

So we will MARCH FORTH!

The week before this beautiful Saturday, I could feel the shift and an agitation in the spirit. Most of my nights during the week I would wake up multiple times with thoughts of how this day would go. I would have what I call, glancings of fear. Nothing that just gripped me but it would take my focus off the King. As Saturday got closer the little waves of fear became more in number. I knew that this was just the beginning of a very extensive campaign. 50 missions to this one campaign.

There is only one 1st and the first of a thing give "birth" or makes way for the rest. I understood that the enemy was trying to get me off track and miss the appointed time to start this campaign.

Saturday morning finally came. Not that I slept much but I could now get out of bed and put action to what I've been wrestling with in the spirit.

We had a wonderful trip down to Austin from the Fort Worth area. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The Russell family made their way down just ahead of us.

We found parking and made our way into the capital building. Kristi and the kiddos toured the building and I ran back to the car to grab my staff, shofar and Elijah tallit. (I don't think they would have let me in the building with those)

As I make my way over to the "Texas Ten Commandments" a wave of fear that I could tangibly feel, blew in over me. It was like a wind. I recognized what was going on and gripped my staff and shofar a little harder and said out loud "you won't stop me". I then started praying in the Spirit as I walked from the parking garage to the Ten Commandments.

I look up from staring at the ground as I walk and see several State Trooper cars, then I see a handful of the Troopers at each entry point of the Capital Building. Rifles in hand, all I could think was "just act normal". The problem was, I had a six foot staff with a large shofar wrapped around the top of it, far from "normal". I cross in front the the Capital Building and I make eye contact with a Trooper coming my way. I smile, nod and gave him a "howdy". He nods back as we pass. Phew, all clear.

I text everyone that I'm almost to the spot and they should head out. I took a short detour when I noticed a monument with an eagle on top. I take a few pictures and head to the Ten Commandments.

Matt and Lilly were there waiting as I walked up. With a short wait the rest walk up. I pray under my breath as we discuss about all the neat things around the capital. Matt shows me that the Texas Ten Commandments are the 13th monument in the court yard. I laugh and think, of course it is.

I check my phone to make sure we were in between the "evening time of sacrifice" and have Kristi get in place to document the decree and commission.

"Ready?" I ask, I get the thumbs up. I take a deep breath and my whole body begins to vibrate. The vibrating was so intense that I would lose my place as I read the decree.

Once I started speaking, it was like water flowing out of my mouth. I didn't want to stop. I could hear people walking by but I never looked up from reading. In the moment of reading it was like I was moving through, something. It is hard to describe the feeling. The best I can explain is, it felt like I pushed or moved through a heavy curtain. It was very thick. Just imagine being pushed through heavy curtains and blankets for a few minutes. It didn't feel like me walking through but like I was moved through it. Imagine if you pick up a toy and move it from one place to the another.

As I spoke the last word, I felt like I needed to take another deep breath. With a few "Amens" spoke in agreement, we all moved into the shade.

Nothing Earth shattering seemed to happen. No fire, no earthquake, no great wind. I stood there like I had done with the first campaign and whispered "Thank you Father for allowing me to do this and may my obedience glorify You." I ask to have a few pictures taken and we tour the courtyard of the Capital.

Our next stop was long awaited. After a 3 day fast I was ready to EAT. Stub's BBQ was just around the corner. I licked up my plate and off we went back home but before we made it back we HAD to stop in West, Tx and get kolaches. Ahhh now, we could head home.

The first is done. It felt like I passed through something or something was birthed. I don't know exactly what The KING is doing with all this. I do know that we will do everything we can to carry out what HE is asking us to do. Not by our might, but HIS!

Shalom Y'all!

P.S. Oklahoma is next on the list. March 12th.


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