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Hawaii Paradise Falling

If you're going to be homeless, Hawaii is definitely the place to exist.

We were stunned with the drastic gap of experiences. Breathtaking beauty full of vagabonds. The hustle and bustle of city life, mixed with chill island life. Military life in the midst of civilian ongoings. Extreme wealthy sifting through absolute destitute.  

As we made our way through DFW airport, my mind would wrestle with “walking in the Spirit” and “walking in the flesh”. I heard from the Lord that this would be a stretching.  Also had words that encouraged us that we need to take the steps and the path would unfold before us.

Our last year (2023) had been the strangest year for our cleaning business. Shortly after I heard from the Lord about this campaign (The Return of the Spirit of Elijah) in November, I was driving back home from the metroplex after finishing an air duct job, I felt something “turn off”.  It was like a switch flipped.  I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I didn’t want that feeling to manifest, so I pushed it aside.  Our year prior was our very best business year to date. 

Now January 1st 2024, we’re a year plus in this business drought, (pushing that feeling aside didn’t stop it from manifesting) traveling across the country and we don’t have much in the account. Without the “Might men and women” supporting us, we would not have gotten this far.

As we stepped on the plane heading to Hawaii, the enemy took full advantage and kept the fiery darts of destruction and doubt running across my mind. I would take those thoughts captive and tell the enemy “look we were blessed with our flights to Hawaii and Alaska and our place in Hawaii was taken care of” “My King will not leave us stranded”.

This being the kiddos first experience of flying, the bar was set high.  We were treated like Kings and Queens on all four flights!  Such a wonderful blessing.

We planned to stay in Hawaii for a few days. We flew there New Years Day, and we would decree and commission Jan, 2, enjoy the island Jan, 3 and fly out Jan, 4 to Seattle Washington. 

We find our Airbnb, grab some food and head to a small beach down the road from our rental. We couldn’t have planned a more epic start to a new year. We watched the Sun set over the vast waters. We looked at each other and were blown away at the beauty and said Happy New Year!

The next morning we got up early, (we were still on Texas time) and explored the West / West Northwest part of the island. As we drove up the west edge of the island passing beach after beach, we picked up on a pattern… We noticed the night before as we pulled up to the small beach near our rental that there were several tents on the beach.  They looked like they had been there a long time.  With many of them using tarps to make the dwellings a little bigger.

At most of the beaches we passed, there were several tent cities.  Some of the dwellings had cars on blocks covered with a tarp and a tent pushed right up to it.  We passed these beaches to find a beach that wasn’t occupied by homeless people and only to find that all of the beaches had some sort of encampment.  We drove to the tip where the road stopped and decided to hike a bit to get some pictures.  Time flew by as we absorbed the beauty and we had to hustle back to the capitol to decree at 2:30pm.  

We park near a small castle and stroll through the amazing garden around the capitol.  We were surprised to find the capitol building was done like a giant hut.  Open on the sides and a giant hole in the roof.  It was pretty neat. As you walked in, the breeze picked up and I quickly understood why the building was designed this way. The building "invited" the wind in, to bring a refreshing breeze.  The church must do the same…

The pattern of capitol buildings under construction, continued here as well.  There are a few patterns that were very evident.  It was easy to see and understand that the "government is being remodeled”

We find the Liberty Bell replica, get set up and prepare to decree.  The security noticed us and a few stood off near the entrance smoking cigarettes and watching.  2:30 came and we decreed and commissioned, The Return of the Spirit of Elijah. We rang the bell, took pictures and made our way to Pearl Harbor. 

We take every opportunity to experience history or tour museums. Homeschooling at its finest!

Peal Harbor was beautiful and sobering. A portion of The United States was attacked by an foreign enemy, in “modern” times.  In my mind, a handful of dreams I’ve had that deal with war/ struggle/ fighting, played out in my mind's eye.  Time will tell. I pray that we have foiled the plans of the second heavens…

Finishing out day two on the beach watching the sunset in paradise!

On day three we again got up early and drove the entire island.  We headed north to the North Shore, pulled into the resort where Magnum P.I. was filmed. The Magnum P.I. helicopter took off as we parked. Too cool!  At the resort we noticed that their beaches were tent city free.  North Shore, as I was videoing the huge waves crashing, I started to walk in between the small bushes and lava rocks and I tripped on a person asleep rolled up in a green tarp next to the bushes. They rolled over and I scurried off quickly.  

I wrestled with their situation as best as my perspective could.  They’re in some of the prettiest places on the Earth and living in deep oppression.  Poverty seems to be everywhere, but in certain places, the volume is much, much higher.  As we’ve traveled the country, this pattern is also one that is very evident. Certain policies, ideologies, and mindsets walk them down a path of, very wealthy and very poor. No inbetween.  With the majority falling off the cliff of poverty. Mammon rules them both with greed. 

Proverbs 14:12

12 There is a way that seems right to a man,but its end is the way to death.

Tree of Life Version

We made our way to the Southeast side of the island, right next to Jurassic Park mountains that pretty much drop off into the ocean.  We found a quiet spot on the beach, the kiddos played while I took a short nap.  The afternoon rains woke me up as they sprinkled around us.  We soaked up as much of this beautiful creation as we could, knowing that tomorrow would be snow covered mountains!  Alaska here we come!

Shalom, Shalom


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