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Idaho The Sad Protest

10 hours later… 

We had to take the “long” route to Boise, Idaho, due to the snow-closed roads. We passed through Wildhorse, Duck Valley Reservation, and Owyhee.  I wish we had driven it during daylight.  From what we could tell, with the snow coming down like crazy, it was amazing.  Other than a slow snow covered trip, we were beginning to get into a stride.

We slept in a bit but not before our free breakfast was over.  We took our time in our room and slow played it to the capitol.  We stroll around the capitol area and as soon as we turn on the road that runs in front of the capitol building, our eyes locked.  

What caught my eye first was a large pink onesie with a pink “female part” hat and the large man inside that onesie  and hat was holding a sign, RIGHT next to the Liberty Bell replica on the front steps of the capitol.  I don’t really know why he locked on to us but as soon as we pulled around, he watched us until we turned heading to the backside of the capitol.  I told Kristi, this might get interesting with pink hat Vs. shofar and mantle.  We drove by once again to find a parking spot and he once again picked us to stair at.  We had to make another round hoping to find a close parking spot. As we made the turn, we noticed that pink hat and the other protester had decided to leave.  They protested for a total of 10 minutes.  They had arrived moments before we first drove by and left before we found a parking spot.  We found an article later that announced the protest to the public. It’s start time was moments before we showed up.  They had two show up.  Pink hat and rainbow scarf.  

We did pray that they would find shalom in Yeshua.  Their protest was a cry for healing. As I walked the capitol grounds I prayed that the hurt, lost, and sick would receive the King’s grace.

After Kristi and the kiddos met back up with me out front we decreed and commissioned The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah, took our photo and hustled to make the long drive to Helena, Montana. 

Bless us with mercy and grace, that our hurts, sicknesses, and wandering souls worship King Yeshua as His beautiful creation.  



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