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Illinois Abe's Home

Massive reconstruction of the Capitol.

Illinois was no different than the majority of Capitol buildings under construction. But here was a much larger undertaking. Not just a face lift but a full reno. They had almost a block behind chain link fence. With a huge hole dug like they're adding a bunker under the building. Fixing the foundation.

I definitely got my steps in walking around nearly the entire Capitol complex with all the construction to pray a ring of fire around it.

With a handful of monuments there wasn't much to take note of. Abraham Lincoln was out front and I spent a good 30 minutes sitting with him while everyone did a bathroom break.

The Liberty Bell replica was right out front near a beautiful water feature.

We got set up, decreed and commissioned The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah.

The government angel of Illinois is now seated.

As we left the complex we noticed three flags flying. O'glory, Illinois state flag, and lgbt-lmnop flag…

I have a hunch the ba'al and asherah have a flag. It probably resembles the third one flying over Illinois’ Capitol.

The Mid-America Tour is in the books. Now we head to Corpus Christi for the second stroke of the Aleph marked over America. The “ring of fire” eclipse. This eclipse will go directly over the exact spot God had us hit the south border of water. Just a series of unique coincidences, I guess.

Shalom ❤️‍🔥


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