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Dr. Benjamin Rush ~  "making allowances for his illiteracy, he was the greatest orator in America".

Thomas Coke ~ “Hossier was one of the best preachers in the world" and yet "one of the humblest creatures I ever saw".

“Black Harry”,  Harry Hossier, thank you for your fortitude, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth primarily - Indiana.  I call for the revival wells of Black Harry to bubble forth.  Hossiers time to fight!

Art is not just a creative mind expression. It is the formulation of the spiritual realm to the physical realm.

In America and around the earth you will find obelisks everywhere.  The obelisk is a phallic monument.  It is a memorial of Nimrod’s 13th member… his male member…  They are the memorial of the first anti-christ - counterfeit-messiah. When you see one of these, it’s a strong indication of occultic intentions, knowingly or unknowingly by those that erected it…

Around the capitol in Indianapolis you would have to turn a blind eye to the amount of strategically placed occultic monuments or “art”.  It was astounding at the blatant occult ceremonies performed by the monuments. 

Why In-diana? 

Why In-dianapolis? 

I have a hunch that this area of the country either has ley lines or had blood alters.

The other side of their intentions might have been to seal up the revival wells of Harry Hossier.

Here are a few of the “artist” that “created” very questionable monuments:

Henry Hering ~ the 100 foot obelisk represents "the hopes and aspirations of the nation, a symbol of the power of nature to reproduce and continue the life of the country." 

Alexander Stirling Calder ~ sculptor of: Star Maiden “American Venus” for the “Court of the Universe” 

This is Columbia - Asherah - Ishtar - Isis - Diana- Semiramius (wife of Nimrod) 

Fountain of Energy described as "Energy, the Lord of the Isthmian Way, rides grandly upon the earth. His outstretched arms have severed the lands and let the waters pass. Upon his mighty shoulders stand Fame and Glory, heralding the coming of a conqueror. Energy, the Power of the Future, the Superman, (Nimrod) approaches.” and “The globe featured a large reclining bare breasted female figure with the head of a lioness (Semiramius I believe she is represented by a panther instead of a lioness), The Eastern Hemisphere, and a large reclining male figure with the head of a bull, (Nimrod / Ba’al) The Western Hemisphere

Depew Memorial Fountain The fountain has multiple figures arranged on a five-tier Stony Creek pink granite base with three basins. The bronze sculptures depict fish, eight nude children dancing, and a bare breasted woman on the topmost tier dancing and playing cymbals.

This is a monument honoring a witch's chant.  On each side of this fountain you will find a small statue of Pan and Nymph.  

Interestingly enough, many of these monuments were created between 1913 ( the year the federal reserve was occultly formed) and 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression. 

The Depew Fountain was started in 1915, the same year the “Indian Klan” formed. 

All of this is just a coincidence, I’m sure.

We saw so much “art” that told the story or plan of the evil one.  There is much more to unpack, I will have to dive into this more with Holy Spirit.

We decreed and commissioned The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah, in front of a George Washington statue.  The connection to George and Abraham continues along this tour as well.  The issue with this monument is that it was placed by the Masons in their attempt to glorify President Geroge Washington as a Free Masson.  I believe that he did become one and then renounced it.  But the Masson’s want to portray a false narrative to keep a sense of authority and power.  

That strong hold is being removed.



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