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Kentucky United We Stand Divided We Fall

We marched forth, on March, 4th of 2024 to begin our last Tour of The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah Campaign.  Exactly one year ago, we marched forth, on March 4th, of 2023 to begin the Campaign, in our home state, Texas.

At this point it feels like we have lived a lifetime of experiences with the Lord carrying out both, Where Is The God Of Elijah and The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah Campaigns and we still have 16 states to decree.  

We had a month break between the West Tour and this last tour, the East - North Tour.  We had a ton of stuff to get done in that little break before we left once again for nearly a month.  We are so thankful that my dad lives on property with us and is busy keeping the ranch ship shape!

Among all the work, I continue to seek the King as we take each step. DC slowly comes into view as each step falls behind us. 

Kentucky was our first state in our last tour.

After seeing the amazing provision and faithfulness of King Yeshua on the West Tour, our faith was emboldened for this tour. As we left Texas for Kentucky I could feel we were right back in stride with the Lord.

With rain accompanying us the entire way, with some of it being very heavy rainfall, my mind kept playing out the scene of Elijah telling Ahab, you better get home because I hear the sound of rain coming.  

We pull into Frankfort, enjoying a light mist in the air.  Pulling up to the capitol building the first we notice is the large scale construction and remodeling of the building and the whore with outstretched arms being worshiped above the entrance of the building.

At this point, this is nothing new to see, as the majority of the capitol buildings had monuments to honor her. 

We split and I walked around the building to pray the ring of fire and Kristi and the kiddos went inside to pray and tour the building.  

We make it back to the front of the building to decree and commission. After the four-ish minutes to decree we take a few more photos.

With a short drive through Frankfort we pointed our van towards Indiana for the next step in this tour.

I meditated on what the Lord was and is doing.  We seem to find the same strongholds at each house of law for each state.  The enemy is definitely being worshiped, knowingly or unknowingly.  Nonetheless the peoples of these states have entered into a contract - covenant with the enemy by their “elected” servants.  

It is very evident that we are boots on the ground to remove the rulers / principalities, the powers, the worldly forces of this darkness, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places by and through the authority of the blood of Messiah and the name above all names of our King, YESHUA - JESUS!

Let’s unite, stay suited up and stand firm!  

Kentucky’s motto speaks volumes: United We Stand - Divided We Fall. 



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