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Maryland It Is Time To Birth Righteousness Once Again

Mary’s land with friends. 

We stopped in the Naval Academy and toured the grounds.  

It was interesting to find two phallic symbols. One on top of the cathedral was covered in gold and the other was about 15 feet tall and had the date Sept 12, 1857 on it.  The date stands out only because of all of the events that happen Sept 11th throughout history. 

Also found bare breasted women on the door and lintel of the doors to the sanctuary.  It is crazy how many places the harlot of Babylon can be found in promonet establishments.

After we meet up at the capitol. 

Maryland’s capitol was under construction as well.  At first we couldn’t tell but as you got closer we noticed that the building was “moving”.  They printed a picture of the building on the mesh covering the scaffolding.  Kind of a cool idea.

I prayed the ring of fire and set up in front of the U.S.S. Maryland bell to decree and commission.  Our friends Lonnie and Kelly joined us to decree.

After a few more pictures we made our way to a seafood joint and we were blessed by Lonnie, Kelly and Melisa for dinner!

We took a few chilly photos on the pier and then crossed over the bridge heading for Delaware. 

Delaware, we meet again. So nice to see you again!



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