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The Golden Eagle...

When we got close to the Capitol buliding I could now see the "Golden Eagle" atop of the dome. While I was looking for the closest parking spot a dream was playing out in my minds eye.

Dream: 1-7-2023 7:20am

I was on a campaign with President Trump. We were going to small towns. We stopped in Slapout Oklahoma. There was a large crowed gathered at the little gas station there to see President Trump. I was inside the store. The people inside the store were getting upset due to the store running out of food and drinks. The store wasn't prepared for that many people at one time. Then the scence changed.

I was now at a City Square. There was a festival of some sort going on. There was entertainment on a stage and people all around enjoying the festivities. I look up and see a Bald Eagle flying over head. It flew behind some of the buildings that make up the Town Square. I hurry to get my phone out to video my first sighting of a wild Bald Eagle. As I get to the the back side of the buildings, I watched the Bald eagle change to a Golden Eagle as it starts to land in front of me. As it touches down, it changed into a Crowned Eagle. It was very large, its head was near sholder hight on me. It stood right in front of me, both of us just looking at each other. This lasted for a few moments, I took in how beautiful and amazing it looked. I could hear people behind me coming around the corner. The Eagle looked over at them coming and gave me a look of "nice to meet you" and then I heard the people all excited when they noticed the Crowned Eagle. The Eagle looks back over my sholder towards the people, hops up and with a few giant flaps with his wings he was gone.

I wake up.

I sit in the car gazing at the Golden Eagle and woundering if this is a marker. Over the years of I've learned to document the dreams I have and let God walk me through them. I can't say at this time that this Golden Eagle is a marker for that dream, but it is worth noting and documenting. When the time is right He will reveal what He's doing and how dreams, prophecy, visions etc... work into the mix.

As I'm sitting there I notice another Liberty Bell replica. Now this is the second Liberty Bell replica on the State Capitol grounds. Let there be 2 wittnesses to establish a thing.

This also is a tie back to Where Is The God Of Elijah Campaign. The KING asked us to make a stop at the original Liberty Bell. There are many prophetic acts or significance of the Liberty Bell, but to note a few that I feel are at play.

  1. Liberty

  2. Jubilee

  3. A Decree

  4. War, Freedom Is Not Free.

We sit in the car for a few minutes preparing ourselves to be in the mid 30 degree wind chill. Which was much like the day before in Baton Rouge but with the sun shining. This also perked up my ears a bit. This cold snap was very uncommon for this area of the Country. It bottomed out at 28 degress early that morning.

We scan the area to see where we could take a few family pictures and display our way rad t-shirts. You should get one. Wink wink. We notice that Mississippi Capitol building has several churches surrounding the area. But what was strange, we arrived at the Capitol just before noon on Sunday and none of the churches had any cars around them. One of the churches a little ways down the street was all borded up. I grasped that this could very well discribe the conventional/traditional chruch in America that has walked blindly into "do what ever you're told to do, by our goverment and medical leaders". Nobody home, lights are off.

Just a thought.

We again take too many pictures and wait for our comrades that drove into Louisiana late the night before and drove 7 hours to Jackson Mississippi just to be with us as we decree and commission. The Russell family has sacrificed many miles and days to be with the peculiar Foster family. We all gather out front of the Capitol near the Liberty Bell. With the cold wind blowing Kristi gives me the thumbs up and I decree and commission during the time of the evening sacrifice.

No flash or feelings. I try to keep myself from feeling like this is just a check list to accomplish. I heard from the Lord that these are NOT just tasks to check off. They are Moedims, appointed times. Even though they don't look or feel like a big deal in the natural, we're not wrestling with flesh and blood.

We all enjoy some fellowship around a slightly sketchy What-a-burger table to fill our bellies. The parents were engrossed into great converstation and the kiddos were so concerned about the time we would get home. Such responsible children... We left 5:30 am Saturday morning to make it to Baton Rouge in time and now we are leaving Jackson Mississippi around 4:45 pm Sunday evening to make our way home. It was a long but fast weekend of decreeing and commissioning.



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