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New Jersey A New Crossing

General George Washington crossed over. Abraham the first Hebrew crossed over.

We stopped at the Delaware crossing by George Washington early that morning.  The last time we were here, the fall colors were in full spectacle. This time all was stripped bare anticipating spring right around the corner.  

George committed to the KING of Kings and offered his life as a living sacrifice to fight for this country.  At this very spot, I agreed to the KING of Kings commissioning for me to do the same back on October 25, 2022. Which propelled us on this journey going to all 50 state capitals.

“Have I not done enough for my country, can I not live peaceably on my farm?” ~ George Washington

I heard this statement over and over in my mind starting August of 2021 when we moved out to our ranch. So much so I told a few people about it and really had no idea what it meant.  I haven’t served in any way for our amazing country.

Now standing here where George landed, I could now feel, to a small degree, his sentiments. 

We met up at the capitol building with friends once again.  I text them that we would be out front of the building standing next to the giant ashera.

As we got out of the van, I took a quick look around and noticed a guy sitting very “picularly” at the top of the amphitheater surrounding the giant ashera war monument.  Krist and I get a game plan set as they were going to tour the inside as I would pray the ring of fire around the building.  Getting all of our stuff out, getting everyone on the same page and ready to go took about 5 minutes. As Kristi went in one direction and I went the other, I noticed the guy in the same position. I took off walking down the street about 100 yards to make it around the building and felt Holy Spirit tell me to go the other way. So I turn around and make my way back.  As I got back to the war monument, I noticed the guy STILL there in the same position, now it's been more than 15 minutes since the first time I saw him.  I understood why Holy Spirit said to go back.  So I took a deep breath and walked up to him slowly.

My mind is still on the event the day before in Delaware, with the incapacitated young lady, I ask Holy Spirit to take over. Use me as HE wants.  I was nervous that this was another dead body. I wish I could say that my faith was overflowing from the previous day's encounter, but it wasn’t.  I was wrestling with “what if I mess this up” “what if he is dead and I pray and nothing happens” etc… 

I would take a few steps and look at him praying. After about 4 “pit stop prayers” to prepare me for this, I finally got about 10 feet away from him.  I think to myself, I’ll yell and ask if he is ok. So I muster a low level yell so I don’t catch the attention of those walking by. “Hey buddy, are you ok?” 

Nothing.  He is still in the exact same position as I saw him when I got out of the van.  I step closer, looking closely at him to see if he is breathing. Nothing.  The way he was “sitting” made me wonder how he could be in that position and breath at all.  His head was between his knees, and his hands were on the ground. 

Now my blood is flowing at a good rate, I step right next to him and yell really loud, “Hey buddy, you ok?”...

He pops up!  He looked over at me, shocked, rubbing his eyes and grabbing his lunch which was beside him.

He looks at me and I ask again, “you ok?”  Yeah, I’m just really tired, he said. I sat next to him and asked him “what’s your story”.  He told me he’s really tired and struggling. We talked for a short moment.  I then ask his name. Eric he says.  I asked him if it would be ok for me to pray for him. He agrees.  I petition YAH on his behalf, that he would follow King Yeshua, rest in shalom and fulfill all that Father God designed for him. 

I pat him on the back and ask if there is anything else he needs. He said no, he needs to go back to work, his lunch break was over.  I saw him on his way and turned to go down the steps of the amphitheater. As I get about half way down I see my buddy Danny and his family watching me pray for this guy.

I tell Danny the story with a few chuckles of my “strong faith”.

We walk around the building pray the ring of fire.

We decree in front of Columbia.

We commission.

We get our photo.

We visited for a bit and let the kiddos play together in the amphitheater.

We say our goodbyes and make our way to the next stop.



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