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No More Pain and Missouri ~ Gateway To Hope

Missouri was the first state to free slaves. This was the 6th state in the campaign. The number 6 is the number of man. Free - Man.

As I'm writing this, the thought came to mind. It was one of the first things I understood from the Lord what all of this is. When I first heard the Lord say, I want you to hit the Pacific Ocean and cry out "Where Is The God Of Elijah". I understood that this is a prophetic act of Jubilee. "A Devine Reset"

Missouri houses "The Arch" in St Louis. It is referred too as the Gateway to the West. The City is named after a French King - Saint Louis IX.

" At his coronation as king of France, Louis IX bound himself by oath to behave as God's anointed, and the father of his people and feudal lord of the King of Peace. Other kings hand done the same, of course. Louis was different in that he actually interpreted his knightly duties in the light of faith. After the violence of two previous reigns, he brought PEACE & JUSTICE." ~ Franciscan Media

This mission is the gateway to freedom through the authority given to us by the Father and the finished work of our King Yeshua and His blood. He is the King of Peace (Shalom) and Justice (Tzedakah)

As I walked and prayed around the capitol building, I noticed a stone block on the bottom corner of the building. It was the "corner stone" established by the masonic grand lodge. I heard the Lord say "I am the corner stone". I understood The Lord's desire to have them removed from authority. One aspect of this Jubilee is the freedom and removal of secret societies masquerading as benevolent groups. Their authority and kingdom over this Nation is being snuffed out. It is up to us to be obedient to Holy Spirit and be the voice and action of "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done" to fill the vacancy left from those being snuffed out.

The Liberty Bell was on the backside of the capitol building near the river. Right next to the bell was a large fountain of two nephilim man/horse/fish gods wrestling snake like creatures. It was the main focal point looking from the capitol to the river. The names of these things are "foam" and "abyss". This again, is another connector to Revelation 9:11 "The had a king over them the angle of the abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon.

As we started decreeing a group taking pictures near the fountain became very obnoxious and loud. To the point where we had to stop recording. I could barely hear myself as I was speaking. When we stopped, they stopped. I looked at them just staring holding my staff and shofar. I stared long enough that a few of them decided to walk to the pool of the fountain. I prayed in my mind that they would stop and just listen to what is being said. I get reset and start the video again. They watched for a moment and then I heard them say, let's go. As they walk off they made a little more commotion and walked to about the middle of the pool area and stopped. They all turned and just watched and a few others gathered as well until I finished. I turned to look at the small crowd and they all dispersed and went back to taking pictures.

This was the first one where we had maybe a little resistance. Nothing crazy, but resistance none the less. We took a few pictures and made our way back to the car. As we left we drove around the building praying one more time. I asked the kiddos to pray and their prayers were of thanksgiving. This mission was sealed and complete.

Shalom shalom


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