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A brisk North wind made the 48 degrees pretty chilly for this Texas boy as I walk and pray around the Capital building.

Oklahoma was our 2nd mission in The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah campaign. Even with a very deep Texas family heritage, ( Both Foster and Travis sides) I am a native... Oklahoman. Not just because the closest and best hospital to my little home town IN TEXAS was across the state line, my great grandmother is Cherokee. So, my heritage, my "home base" is in both Texas and Oklahoma.

Both are home to me. I think it's fitting that our home base would be first to sure up. As we were working through what this campaign would look like, Holy Spirit pointed out that my home would be first to decree and commission. The home base needed to be sured up before we take on the others.

We cross over the Oklahoma river the city skyline has a grey overcast back drop. Sprinkles of rain blur the full view of the landscape. In my mind the thought of the view I just described pointed to the time we're walking in as a country. The sky is grey, overcast and it seems that many have a blurred vision of the landscape before them.

The group gathered at "The Collection" to fill our bellies. After a good hour of fellowship we departed to the Capital building. I get out of the car and the wind took my breath away. I puff a cloud out of my mouth, the thing you do every time you step out into cold air. I do my best "dumb and dumber" reenactment of Lloyd. I take a quick scan of the area looking for the "spot".

As I make a 360 I come back to the "thing" we parked in front of. It was an oil derrick. I heard from the Lord "this is the spot". I start to understand why this was the spot. It is the symbol of a "well". This has a tie back to the "Where Is The God Of Elijah" campaign. A well represents: sustenance, commerce, community, and growth. HE showed me that "wells" are being opened up for those willing to re-dig them. So it was settled in my mind, I'll decree and commission right here.

We all gathered at the foot of the well and I look at my phone and notice we have about 30 minutes before the time of "evening sacrifice". I suggest to everyone that we walk around and pray until the time.

I walk towards the capital counting the steps up to the doors. First level was 8 steps, second level was 14 and third level was 12. All are numbers used many times in the Bible. Do they mean anything? Not sure, but felt like I should count them. Probably won't know until I need to know what or if they mean anything. A lot of prophetic things are "sign post" or "mile markers", I just take note of them and when I need to know (if ever) Holy Spirit will point them out and connect the dots.

I pray a moment at the doors and then I feel I need to walk around the building and pray. So thats what I did. As I make my way to the North side of the capital I see a gathering of flags. I stop to focus in on the different flags. They didn't look like state flags, I thought. As I got closer, I recognized that they were Tribal nation flags. I understood that this wasn't just for Oklahoma, this was for the first peoples that now call Oklahoma home. The story of the "Trail of Tears" now comes to mind. My blood line walked that trail. Tears of losing their home land and being betrayed by the first Democrat.... It rang out in my head that we are in a simular position with our country again.

Time to decree. I get setup and have everyone gather looking at the Capital building, as I decree towards the "well". I put the Elijah mantel on grab my staff and shofar take a deep breath and try to control the shivering. I walk in front of the camera and let it go. This was much different than the Texas decree. The Texas decree was like water flowing out, Oklahoma was like hiking up a mountain. The further I got into the decree the thinner the air felt. I had to stop and take deep breaths. I read the decree slow and steady making sure to get the words out, with what felt like little air, all while having a rude reminder of that cold north wind blow in from behind me.

I end with a "shalom" and that was it. Again no big fireworks. The crowd was much bigger in Oklahoma than in Texas. They all looked at me after I turn the live stream off and I said "that's it".

For all the planning, traveling, and prep, it ends so quickly. A full day of travel for 30 or 45 minutes of prayer and 5 minutes of decree. This is the part that the enemy likes to poke at me. No fire, No fuzzy feelings, No move of God. I know we are tasked with this monumental campaign and nothning will stop us from accomplishing what HE has us to do. So when asked, was it a powerful time with God, I answer YES. Time will show us how powerful it truly was.

Shalom Shalom!


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