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Pennsylvania Dust Yourself Off

Brother William Penn, we’re here on your behalf.  You established Kingdom principles for this beautiful land.

May the peoples of Pennsylvania grab hold of this decree and honor THE KING.

I don’t have words for what I found on both sides of the front door to the capitol.

It is perverted, disgraceful and sad.

More naked people.

As I walked up to the “monument” the security guards walked over to me and asked if my horn made a sound.  I told them that it did and what it was.  They got pretty excited and asked me to toot my horn.

So right in front of the naked people statue, I blasted the VOICE of YAH.  It echoed throughout downtown.

One guard walked off pretty quick looking a little uncomfortable on how loud I blew it.  The other guy loved it!  I continued visiting with him and Krist and the kiddos came around the corner from the tour inside. She said she knew where to find me from the blast on the shofar.  LOL.

We did a formal tour inside and enjoyed it immensely.  Again we found her there…

We prayed the Ring of Fire

We decree.

We commission.

We took a snowy photo.

We left for Maryland!



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