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Rhode Island The Anchor (Hope)

Making friends along the way.

Rhode Island invite came from a guy who “found” my Youtube video talking about our first campaign and what we need for this campaign.  He emailed me with the invite to Rhode Island.

As we got closer to the East - North tour, I reached out to him to let him know we would be in his neck of the woods in March.  He wanted to meet up if time permitted and come pray with us.

Well the day had arrived.  I texted him, which he had a Texas phone number. Found out he is retired military and was stationed in Rhode Island and they were moving back to Texas a few days after the day we decreed.  Crazy how Holy Spirit works all things out so perfectly.

As we were finding a parking spot we drove by a protest group chanting and yelling at all the cars driving by.  I smiled and told Kristi, well this could get interesting.  The crowd wasn’t very big, but more people were gathering.  We sent out a text to our “mighty men and women” group who pray over and for us during the campaigns.  They went to work praying for our safety. Psalms 91!

We parked on the other side of the capitol building near the front steps. The building was closed, so Brayden and I prayed a ring of fire around the building. As we made our way to the other side where the protesters were, we noticed they all disappeared. Pray works!  No one bothered us.  We finished with the ring of fire prayer and made our way to the front steps to decree.

Our new friend had said he would be there right before 2:30 to pray with us as we decree. He showed up right on time.  We introduced ourselves and then set up to decree.

We decreed

We commission The Return of The Spirit of Elijah.

We took our photo.

Then we went to our new friends office to pray there and then we went to their condo.

We met his wife and their two hairless cats. The kiddos fell in love with them!

They ordered pizza from the pizza joint downstairs from their condo.

We had a great time.

Making friends is fun.

Off to our next mission.



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