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Sweet Home Alabama The Typical Title

Sweet Home Alabama… I feel like that title is a must when talking about Alabama, am I right? 

As I lined out our tour, I noticed that we would go through Troy, Alabama and it was not too far from Montgomery, Alabama.  So I did what a "Troy" would do. I booked our Hotel in Troy, Alabama.  

We left Tallahassee, Florida, cut the corner of Georgia and made our way into Troy, Alabama.  We found our hotel and was ready for a good dinner. When possible we try to find local restaurants to support.  We found our way to the square and with a couple circles we landed on a great Italian restaurant, Francisco.  It did not disappoint. As we where loading up in the car Kristi points out a "cute" coffee shop. I nod in agreement of its "cuteness" and we head back to the hotel. 

Around midnight, I wake up shivering / shaking / vibrating.  I got up to go to the restroom, I was shaking so bad, it was difficult to do what I needed to do in the restroom. Trying not to give TMI. I sat on my side of the bed shaking hoping I wouldn't wake Kristi. I decided to pray for a bit. I thought to myself that I don't feel sick or bad. I must be having an encounter with God, but I didn't really feel or receive anything. I just  sat there shaking.  So I laid down and did my best to go back to sleep. I woke up the next morning and felt horrible. 

I had a few thoughts cross my mind.

  1. This is an attack from the enemy. Or.

  2. I had an encounter with God or a powerful angel and I'm sick just like Daniel when he encounter Gabriel. 

Either way, I had to push through and accomplish this tour. 

We load up and had time to kill since it wasn't a long drive to Montgomery. Kristi said that the coffee from the hotel wasn't cutting it. She wanted some good coffee.  So we made our way back to the Square. I point out that there is another coffee shop opposite of the one she pointed out the night before. She looks and then says "I'm drawn to that one" as she points across the square. So we park I get out, Kristi bolts to the "cute" coffee shop and I head to the bench swing with 2 of the kiddos not feeling well.  

After about 15 minutes Kristi texts me saying I need to come in the coffee shop and meet the owners. I walk in and the tall man behind the counter says "you must be Troy?" I laugh and confirm his inquiry. 

We ended up sitting and visiting with what felt like "Alabama copies " of Kristi and I.

We had done the same things like played in a band, did mold remediation, did air duct cleaning,  travels around to minister, crunchy / natural minded, raised chickens and goats. The wife was in dentistry before she decided to do full time mom… 

We talked for over an hour. 

So in Troy, I felt like I met Troy. Very peculiar. 

With our fun coffee break behind us we head to Alabama's capitol.

As we pull up we see a few field trip groups walking around the grounds. I thought "well this should be fun". These kiddos are gonna get an extra special field trip with a guy yelling by the liberty bell.

We hop out and walk around the capitol to do our ring of fire prayer. As I'm walking and praying I notice a monument of the "Flame of Freedom ". The flame had gone out. I heard "its being reignited". So I got a video of that and made my way to the bell. 

We get setup check the time and I decree and commission The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah.  A train of kiddos walk by wondering what was going on as they passed by.

We then get my phone setup to take our family picture.  I was struggling a bit trying to get us and all the building with the bell in frame.  As I'm siting in, I notice a man come from the road and cross the grass area walking straight for us. I stand and look at him trying to assess if he is a good guy or bad guy. He smiles at me and says "want me to take your picture?" I smile back and said please that would be great!

He hops over the row of bushes, takes my phone and gets a few shots for us. As he's taking pictures, I'm thinking he must be a dad on a field trip. He finishes up, hands me my phone and says he got some good ones with the flags and all. I replied back with thankfulness. He smiles, tells us to have a good day, hops the bushes and walks back from where I saw him come from.

We watched him walk across the grass and cross the street,  away from the capitol and all the field trip groups.  I look over to Kristi and said if he disappears behind those portapoties I'll know he's an angel.  He didn't but man he sure seemed like an angel.  He wasn't with anyone and it seemed like the only reason he was there was to take our picture! We may never know.

After our "angel" picture Kristi wanted to see if the capitol was open for us to look around. We walk in and we're greeted by an older man giving free tours. He asked if we would like one and before I could answer, he started. I guess we are was my thought as I laughed to myself. I'm so glad he did. He showed us so many neat facts about the building and what history had transpired there.  As we walked out of one of the rooms he stops us at the threshold and says "oh! I almost forgot. This is the room where the southern states voted to create the confederacy which was narrowly won and as soon as they voted in favor they telegraphed Lee to open fire on the Union. This room started the Civil War ".  He turns and walks out.  I stood there looking at the chairs and felt like I was to pray and repent for this grievous sin. I motion to Kristi to go on with the kiddos. I then said I'm gonna be in here for a moment.  I walked around not really knowing what or how to repent for this. I prayed in the Spirit as I walked back and forth in the room.  I walked back to the doorway and offered repentance for the sin committed walked out the door and caught up with our mini-tour.

We finished up, loaded up and headed to Newnan, Georgia. Alabama was done.

As I drove to Georgia, I started connecting the significance of the Civil War / Abraham Lincoln and the Revolutionary War / George Washington over tones. 

It seems as if we are living out both areas but at the same time and we're walking out this path in the Spirit first.

Shalom ❤️‍🔥 


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