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Traaditiooon Tradition!

Updated: May 29, 2023

"There was nothing civil about the Civil War" ~ Grandpa Bower ~ The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band.

As I prayed for this next jaunt in the 50 state campaign, I would get impressions that this portion of the campaign would seal up some unfinished business for the south. The Lord would have me look over the map and have me pray for each state. As I finished up with my prayer, HE then had me look up images of the confederate states. As soon as the images popped up on the screen, in my mind I could see the map we’re using to show what states have already been decreed, but instead of just six states colored in I saw now the “southeastern tour” was now colored in red.

I scrolled through the images and noticed that the two colors to indicate the North from the South weren’t what I thought they would be. North being a Navy Blue and the South being a Gray was my expectation since that was the uniform colors of each. But the images for distinction are Blue for the North and Red for the South. Not a big deal except, when I was creating the map for our site, The Lord told me to make the states Red after the decree, to indicate they are covered by the King's covenant HIS Blood. I knew that we needed to accomplish these states next.

The connection of the Civil War, President Lincoln, the confederate states and the number 13 were beginning to form.

Many have said that America is in their second “Civil War” but not like the first. I see the line in the sand which ties us back to the first campaign of the Corpus Christi mission.

The story of William B. Travis and drawing the line in the sand. There is a line of distinction between Godly states and evil states. There is a line between FOLLOWERS OF MESSIAH KING YESHUA/JESUS and “Christian Country Club” believers. There is the line of LIFE & LIGHT and death & darkness.

President Lincoln along with President Washington have both been recurring markers in my life.

President Lincoln crawled across my bedroom floor when I was about 4, 5 or 6 years old (I think). I was lying in my bed early one morning looking out the door down the hall from my bedroom. As I was looking, Abraham Lincoln appeared near the door on all four crawling towards me. When he was right next to me, he looked at me, tipped his top hat towards me and then proceeded to crawl right through the wall just under the window. He didn’t look like a ghost or spirit, it looked as real as you and me. Not totally sure what to make of it but that was the first “connection” to President Abe.

Kristi is related to him and on our first campaign (Where Is The God Of Elijah) we ended up at pivotal points for President Lincoln dealing with the Civil War. These are some of the connections.

As of recently I have wrestled with the “heritage” of the “South”. The heritage is democrats, kkk, masonic, slavery, control and occult driven. The major deciding factor to secede from the union was the election of President Abraham Lincoln which was the first republican.

Now, do not think that I am a red blooded republican, I am NOT. If you were to put me in a "group" I fall somewhere in "Biblical, Conservative, Constitutionalist"

The republicans are just as much of the problem if not more than the democrats. BUT the republican platform was established upon small government involvement, state governing, and freedom for all peoples.

WE THE PEOPLE have blindly gone along with “tradition” and “party” politics for too long. Just because you’re great grand daddy voted a certain way doesn’t mean you should. We can no longer be loyalists for the sake of being loyal. Our loyalty is to, Yeshua The King and His Kingdom.

We know the democrat platform is bent towards evil agendas. So for a follower of Yeshua The King it would be treason to vote for those that carry that platform.

The real evil is those that carry the platform of republican and follow the ass off the cliff.

It is up to you and me to elect leaders that hold tight to the Bible and The King. They DO NOT NEED TO BE SPOTLESS but they do need to have a backbone to stand for what IS RIGHT. We don’t need preachers but we do need RIGHTEOUS leaders.

The country club christian, time is up. Follow the KING or get out of the way. You are going to get hurt riding the fence.

To follow The King Yeshua is to be Light and Salt. We are carrying HIS name which is LIFE. We bring HOPE not doom and gloom. To bring HOPE is to encourage in hard times, to bring LIGHT is to reveal the way amongst the dark times. We are empowered by Holy Spirit to establish HIS WILL and KINGDOM on Earth now, just like in Heaven. We are to fight the good fight, not cower, hide, whine and whimper until HE returns. WE WILL OCCUPY UNTIL HE RETURNS!

13, good or bad?

Our nation started with the number 13. 13 colonies became our first 13 states.

There are two other times that the number 13 was connected to a special beginning. The first was the start of a kingdom or nation. It started with a prophet named Ya’akov (Jacob), he had 12 sons which led to the kingdom or nation of Yisra’el (Israel) Jacob + 12 = 13. The second Kingdom was started by The Prophet Yeshua (Jesus) and he chose his 12 disciples. Jesus + 12 = 13.

I believe the number 13 is a number that represents Elohim (God). How, you ask? Let’s see.

The Hebrew word that describes Elohim as One God is Echad. The word for Love in Hebrew is Ahavah. There is a hidden connection between the two words that lead me to the conclusion that 13 is a number of Elohim. When you take the Hebrew letters of each word, which also have numeric value and you add the values of each letter together, they both equal 13. John tells us that God IS LOVE and the main distinction between Abraham’s God and all the rest is HE is Echad (One). Now let's take it a bit farther. Take those two witnesses (Echad 13 and Ahavah 13) and add them together you get 26 which is the numeric value of YHVH the righteous judge creator.

This is a neat connector, don’t get hung up on or think this is a foundational teaching for salvation…

America started with 13 and I believe a “rebirth” of America is at hand.

Read - 1 Kings 17 - 19 to understand the reference of 3 ½ years.

James 5:17

3 ½ years after the “famine” started, (December 2019) lands right around Shavuot (Pentecost) of 2023. Shavuot is referenced as “later rain” or water breaking forth.

America's water broke for the rebirth and it is coming from a “13” again. I felt that we were to decree the “Civil War states” before Shavuot of 2023. Which ended up being 13 states. Now this is not EXACTLY the confederate states that seceded but nonetheless it is the SOUTH area that committed the grievous sin of seceding from the United States of America. This also encompassed the Trail of Tears sin which is both Kristi and my bloodlines.

When we did Florida the first of this tour, the water broke on us. We got soaked!

I’ll tell that story soon…

I feel that this is a reversal of things. There is a pattern of imposible reversals: Adam - Yeshua, Abraham - Isaac, Joseph slave to 2nd in command, Pharaoh - Moses, Haman - Ester / Mordecai, Grave - Yeshua.

From the area of slavery will spring (fourth) freedom. From the area of division will flow unity. Eagles arise and SPEAK the word of THE KING.

4th of July is just around the corner. Ask for eyes to see and ears to hear.

Shalom Shalom.


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