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Utah I Hear The Lion

Leaving Grand Junction, the topography changed a little more.  Snow covered desert plateaus were our companions for the majority of Utah.  As we got closer to Salt Lake City, the mountains returned and so did the snow storm.  

Utah’s capitol was under construction. Not an uncommon sight for us this far in the campaign. The capitol grounds are super busy for a Sunday afternoon and snow is coming down.  They have several little trails to walk and a beautiful view of the city up on the hill where it’s located. 

We pray the ring of fire around the building and look for the spot to decree.  I circle the building twice, not sure where we were to do it.  I walk up the stairs of the building and on each side of the staircase are huge lion statues.  Under each was a placard with one word on each.  Honor, Patience, Integrity, and Fortitude were the names of each of the four lions.  

I felt a draw to decree under the lion “Fortitude”.  With huge snowflakes coming down we decree.  We had a few onlookers that said “Amen” after we finished. 

Utah is beautiful and peaceful.  So honored we got to do this for the King and experience His amazing creation.

I did find where asherah was hiding. She is carved in a large monument to the settlers of Utah.  For the most part Utah capitol didn’t have much in occultic images, but nonetheless she was very promonet with this monument.

Your time is very short, harlot.



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