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Washington - Not Wishingsome

Olympia - Altis, your seats have been removed. You will find them in the far reaches of dry places. You will roam blind, mute, lame, deaf, and dumb with dust and dirt forever grinding between your teeth. 

We slept in a bit, recouping from our long days and short nights. Coming from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Seattle Washington, then out early to Juneau, Alaska and back to Seattle all in about a 36 hour window.  Phew! 

I woke up knowing I had to sling the rock that was in my slingshot.  That giant had taunted me long enough. 

I opened the app, clicked on the mini-van, reserved it and made the payment… There the rock was hurling towards the head of the giant. 

A few days prior, I was resting on a beach in O’ahu, doing my best to let the sound of crashing waves drown out the taunts of the enemy.  

“What are you going to do in Seattle?”

“How are you going to pay for food, gas, hotels, AND a rental?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You can’t even afford two meals a day for your family!”

 “Look, you’re dragging your family along in this delusional ‘campaign’!”


We received a word from the Lord through our “might men and women” group. The word was “Enjoy the trip and make great memories”.

From the time we packed our bags to fly out to Hawaii to this moment of me humbling myself and choosing a minivan over an suv to rent, I had that word front and center of my mind.  The enemy knew it, and did as much as permitted to foil that. With all of the breathtaking countryside we were immersed in, it was a little easier to think on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy, to fend off the smacking lips of the enemy.

Holy Spirit had me recall the feeding of the two crowds.  He asked me to retell those stories to the kiddos.  As I’m telling the story, Holy Spirit is revealing to me that I must give it away, all of it. He blessed it, handed it to me and said go. He showed me that I must give our last $500 to rent the minivan. I said that won’t get us but a few days, and he said use it all. I will multiply the leftovers…

So that is what we did.  It got us a 6 day rental.  I took a deep breath and said, it is finished. I put everything in Your hand my King.  We all went downstairs to load up on our free breakfast not knowing what our next meals would look like.  We pack up, hop on the shuttle that drops us off at the rental in the airport.  I open the app and go straight to the express area to pick our minivan.  A young lady greeted us with a smile and asked if we knew what to do.  I told her this was all new to us.  I showed her my phone with the confirmation of our rental and she pointed and said, oh, you’re in the right place, we have one right here, which we were standing next to.   "Do you care which color?" she asked. I shook my head no, and she said, the keys are in it.  I take a seat in the driver's seat and as she's about to walk off, and asks if I’m familiar with minivans, I smirk and tell her, again, this is all new.  Well this van is brand new and it's a hybrid!  You should get great mileage with this. She pointed to all the bells and whistles and told us to head to the gate and we are off to the races.

We get loaded, settle in, I take another deep breath, and praise God for a really nice ride that will get great gas mileage!  We all pray and take off!

We took our time, taking all the beauty of Washington as Olympia was only about an hour away.  We make it to the capitol, take a long self tour of the ground and the building. The capitol was busy with highschool kids performing mock sessions, debating on the floor.  We met several conservative Bible believing groups there supporting kiddos debating that were part of their clubs. It was refreshing to see that there are groups pushing back against the insanity of the left / woke agenda. 

I walk the perimeter of the capitol building praying in the Spirit creating a ring of fire around the building.  As I walk by this large sundial, I hear the Lord say “ It is Time”  then the thought enters my mind, the tipping point is close.

I finish up the ring of fire and get set up at the sundial to decree.  We decree and commission. Take a few more pictures and take our time walking back to the van.  The weather and beauty was just too nice to rush off and Salem wasn’t that far of a drive.  We enjoyed the water fountains and made our way to the bay / Capital Lake. 

There were several memorials to honor President George Washington, which the state is named after. There were a couple statues of early settlers that traveled the Oregon Trail, they were all Reverends. These men should be honored, but once again just like the majority of governmental grounds, honoring semiramis / isis / athena / hera / asherah / columbia / ishtar.

It is interesting that Washitonions made their capitol in Olympia, which coincidentally is the very place that the Greek worshiped zeus, and hera.  These statues of these gods and the names of the places they set up government in, is a strategic battle plan of the enemy.  We can no longer sit on our hands and turn a blind eye to it. If we do not understand spiritual matters we will be overrun with the works of the enemy.  Which is the mess we’re fighting through. 

2 Chronicles 14:3



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