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Soul - Mind, Will, Emotions. 

In our process of carrying out this campaign, one of the requirements from the Lord is an invitation from a resident of each state to come and pray. This gives us the spiritual authority to decree on behalf of the elected lawmakers of each state.

Iowa came from - Jim. Thank you Jim for the invite.  As we got closer to this Tour, Jim reached out and asked if he could meet us at the Capitol and pray with us.  I excitedly replied with an, absolutely, we would love it if you could. So we made plans and I gave him the details of what it would be like.

This isn't a long drawn-out worship or prayer service.  We come in, walk around praying and documenting finds for about an hour before the decree. The decree is about 4 minutes and then we take a few more photos and then we're off to the next destination.  We are carrying out Kingdom work. 

Jim was excited, we were excited and had the day and times planed to meet.

We get to the Capitol grounds early to make sure we have enough time to photo any finding.  There is a memorial park across the street from the Capitol building.  Again there are so many statues of Asherah.  One patern that is prevalent.  Bare breasted women.  This particular statue was facing the Capitol building. She was holding her breast from underneath. Other than being a “random peice of art”  this pose is just like the Asherah statues found in Assyria. Just a coincidence I'm sure…

After the dirty show we walk across the street upto the building. This capitol is also under construction. I'm looking up at the scaffolding and an elderly man passes me on the sidewalk.  I glance at him with a smile and try to see what books he was carrying.  

I didn't look at him long, he not to make eye contact with a guy walking with a big stick and a horn thing on it. But as I passed, it registered what the book was. It was a Bible.  I turned and said, Jim? He stops and says, Yes?

Are you Jim? I asked with his reply of yes, I then go on to introduce myself. I told him I'm Troy the one coming to pray. He looked at me with concern, he then says he doesn't know about an email or about us coming to pray. I again asked if he was indeed Jim.  He said “I am Jim, but not that Jim”.

I apologize and explain what we're doing.  He get excited and tells us that he and other pray in the capitol every week and that some have been doing it for 30 some years! As he was telling us this, the gentleman that had be praying at the capitol ever week for the past 30+ years walks out of the building.  Jim is now introducing us to him.  We get a brief history of all they have been fighting for.  He said the Capitol is on fire for God, but the state Supreme Court is in need of pray. We agreed to cover it in pray, we all took a moment there as he prayed for us. 

After handshakes and goodbyes we started walking the perimeter for our ring of fire walk.  Jim asked if it was OK if he tagged along.  I said, please we would be grateful. I warned him of my peculiarities and he said we are in good company. 

We find the Liberty Bell replica a little ways from the building.  We all gathered around, I decree and commission.  Jim was thrilled to have been there and a part of something so special.  We get our pictures and Jim has to take off.

Another gentleman that was with Jim asked if we wanted a tour of the Capitol building.  I let him know we would love too but our next trip was a long one and we needed to get on the road. He took that as a “Yes, we would love a tour”.  So off we went.  And again I'm so glad that there was someone keeping me on the path that God wanted.  

We pray that, we would go where He wants us to go, when He wants us there, to see and hear what He wants us to see and hear, and that do all that He wants us to do.  This was one of those moments that detoured me from “my plan”.

We get a full tour waking into offices and being escorted out, because our tour guide didn't check with them first.  Super awkward. Lol. He kept telling them, we were from Texas and we need to see everything. A few of the offices let us tour. It was great. 

Other than a fun little tour it really didn't reveal anything about the campaign or some spiritual assignment.  As we stand near the stair case, I convince our tour guid that we really need to hit the road. He finally concedes and we take off. Illinois here we come.

Several weeks after we decreed, commissioned and toured Iowa Capitol, a satanic alter was built right were we stood convincing our tour guide of our departure.  When the news story about that transgression was sent to me, it bubbled up within me to drive up there and do a flying karate kick into that trash and demolish the entire thing with a bat.  I was frustrated, nothing was being done to remove it.  One of the men in our “mighty men and women” prayer covering talked with me and prayed that the statue of the goat would end up like the statue Dagon.

Shortly after, a man from. Mississippi, which the decree was in force there, drove up and removed the head and trashed it.  I heard the Lord say, once the decree is given, the government angel for that state is seated over the capitol. The enemy authority to influence the law makers is removed.  The only way they can get back in, is something like the alter that was built. The capitol agreed by allowing it in and this was the attempt of the enemy to gain control of the soul of America. It was removed but this won't be there last attempt to push their way in.

If you look at a map of The United States of America you will find that Iowa looks like a head. This is where the mind, will, and emotions are, also know as the soul.  Iowa is the kick off for the Presidential campaign. 

There is much more to this. Eyes to see and ears to hear.

We ARE making a difference, things will start to turn.

Hang on to hope, the HOPE OF THE KING!

Shalom ❤️‍🔥 


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