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Wyoming Untouched

30.  We’ve decreed 29 states so far and Chyenne, Wyoming is 30. After doing 29 of these, we start to get a rhythm to this beat. We’ve seen so much of this beautiful country, each state having their own beauty. 

Wyoming felt like an untouched land.  I could feel the free spirit of that territory. 

There wasn’t much to see outside while I prayed.  Kristi and the kiddos toured the inside for a short bit. We met up at the bronc riding cowboy.  This was the first day in a while of sunshine.  The wind was crazy but the insane cold was still in Montana heading our way.  This arctic vortex was the cause of several records being broke. I experienced some of that in Montana and had my fill. So we were prompt with the decree and commission. 

We take our photo and a few others, then quickly walk to the van to get out of the wind.  

As we drove around the capitol to head out, we passed the cowboy. I admired the statue and thought, this is the spirit of Wyoming. A cowboy not afraid to ride the wild horse.  

We passed through a town called wildhorse in Idaho and we would be face to face with Colorado's “wild horse” so.  

It’s time to break the wild horse.



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