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Our Journey Thus Far
The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah


State Capitals



Invitations To State Capitals


Miles Driven

In Both Campaigns


Miles Flown

Fostering Life 50 State Campaign United States Map 50.png
washington dc divorce paper Fostering Lifejpg.jpg

Washington DC

Deliver Divorce Paper


Deliver Divorce Paper

What is next? 

We will go to the "District" of the evil goddess, who has lead this country for too long.  She will receive THE divorce paper from, We The People of These United States Under the Kingship of Yeshua, son of THE Living Elohim, Yehovah.  The divorce paper is titled:


Pray and Fast with us.  ba'al & asherah are removed from this land, Yeshua's United States.

The bull and panther are removed, their high places will be tore down.



What's The Big Deal, Troy?

     With our first campaign "Where Is The God Of Elijah" God tasked us to hit the 4 borders of water with the mantel of Elijah and Cry out the same words Elisha did when he needed to cross the Jordan River. 


     When we finished that campaign God had me connect the East - West missions and the North - South missions, as you can see in the picture it makes a "cross" or more accurately a "Tav". The Tav is the last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. It blew me away. I thought to myself " wow, too cool ".


     Then God had me look up the solar eclipse during President Trumps term.  I "stumbled" across the other image that looks like the uppercase letter A. But that isn't what I thought of first.  I saw the ancient depiction of Aleph, the first letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.  This floored me. 


     God had us mark America with the Tav, which is the letter for covenant and HE is marking America with the Aleph which is a symbol of Father God.  When you put the to together you get the  "Aleph Tav".  This has a rich history all the way back to Adam the first "Melchizedek". What hit me hard is Yeshua is Priest and King in the order of Melchizedek and the mark of the "Melchizedek" = "King of Righteousness"  is Aleph Tav. 


     Yeshua said He is the "Alpha and Omega", HE is a Jewish man that would have spoken to John in Hebrew.  Instead of "Alpha and Omega" HE would have said I'm THE ALEPH TAV!  God is marking America with the mark of THE KING.  


     This second campaign we've been tasked to carry out is Commissioning The Return Of The Spirit Of Elijah in all 50 State Capitals.  The last stroke of the Aleph drawn by the Sun over America happens in April of 2024.  We will accomplish this 50 mission campaign before that total solar eclipse crosses America takes place.

This is why it's a big deal.  We are preparing the way for God to move in a mighty way in America. One state at a time.

Join with us. This could very well be world changing and history noted campaigns. 

Shalom Shalom!

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